Rebound open beta, y’all!

Hey, guys! It’s finally here: the open beta of this goofy game I’ve been working on for two years.

Play it here .

I also uploaded the soundtrack to Bandcamp. You can listen to it here .

If you’ve been following Rebound’s development, thanks for hanging in there with me. There’s plenty more to do, but for now, I just want to bask in the sweet aroma of this milestone.

Mmm. Stonaroma.

Posted: July 19th, 2014
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well that’s awkward

Hey, there. Yesterday I realized that the “accordion” effect on the blog posts didn’t work in Firefox.

It looks like my WordPress theme uses a version of MooTools that hasn’t been compatible with Firefox for a while now.

Anyway, I found a little code snippet that someone put together, and things should be readable again.

Sorry if it’s been causing you trouble.

Posted: June 21st, 2014
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perhaps, perhaps

Sorry for the extended silence.

I’ve been considering a redesign of Eden. In the process of trying out some new ideas, I cobbled together a few in-game level editing features. It wasn’t terribly difficult. I probably should have done this a long time ago (that seems to be a running theme for this game). Rebound has gotten pretty large over the years, and it takes a while to load up a preview from the game engine. So level editing from inside the preview saves a lot of time.

And it’s kind of fun to mess around with things this way. It might be something I could elaborate on, once the game is finished. But for now, I’m hoping that I can make Eden feel as strong as the other worlds.

Posted: June 10th, 2014
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Here is a sample of the “cast of characters” music:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Posted: May 3rd, 2014
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preferred nomenclature

Edit: after some great suggestions from friends, I’ve settled on “Crawmite” for the little grey fellow, and “Stariken” for the star-shaped bloke.

Hey, y’all!

I’m working on end credits, and I was wanting to do a cast of characters section.

The two sprites in the image above were the first sprites I made for this game (that weren’t discontinued at some point in the game’s development). I’ve been calling the one on the left “crawler” and the one on the right “starfish”. Clever, huh?

In any case, if I’m going to canonize these characters, they need better names.

And I’m open to suggestions! So far, most of the characters have been either portmanteaus (aka “mashups”) or puns based on real names. So in the picture below, the one on the left is called “pabbit” (pig + rabbit), and the one on the right is called “gary” (because he’s all gear-y). Basically, what I’m saying is, there’s no possible way that your suggestions could be dumber than the names I’ve come up with. So let me know what you think!

Posted: April 22nd, 2014
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I got Rebound working in an iframe. It doesn’t seem to affect the performance at all.

Ideally, this is how you would play the game when it’s finished. I might even use it for the open beta, so it’s easy to leave comments. I’ve been meaning to sit down and figure this out for a long time. When it comes to the website, I prefer to keep things as consolidated as possible.

Just need to get rid of that black border on the top-left.

Anyway, I thought I would share.

Posted: March 27th, 2014
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sound compose by bunbun

Been working on the end-game dialogue.

Right now there are three endings, depending on how many collectibles you collectible.

Also I’ve been perusing the end credits sequences for some of my favorite games, gathering inspiration.

And by “inspiration”, I mean “a database of Japanese programmer nicknames”.

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Phew! Finally, I have an image to show you.

This is a new character who only appears at the end of the game.

[She's] the boss, so I based [her] design on the key that bosses all the other keys around.

Posted: March 1st, 2014
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