99 hard lessons

I took the last week off to move apartments. Once I got settled, I started working on Marty’s hitboxes.

At the very beginning of Rebound’s development, I made the mistake of using the same sprite for collisions and animations. So the collision box was changing size and position erratically. I finally decided to sit down and separate them, so the animation sprite is a skin that rests on top of a solid box, which never changes shape or size.

Not terribly interesting to explain, but it makes things feel more smooth and consistent.

I’ve also been working on some gamepad controls, to give the player an alternative to the keyboard. Shouldn’t be too difficult to get it up and running. And since I grew up on consoles,¬†getting to play my own game with a controller gives me all sorts of . . . feels.

Posted: August 30th, 2014
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