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Hey, y’all!

I recently wrote music for some friends who have a Magic: The Gathering podcast.

They’re good dudes, and you can listen to them here: The Spike Feed.

Posted: September 11th, 2013
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happy 100!

100 posts!

If you’ve been following Rebound, or anything that came before it, thanks so much for visiting / subscribing.

Here, I made you a thing.

Posted: August 7th, 2013
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Well, I’m back in the Ice World, making puzzles.

Still [less than 100%] sure about this part of the game.

Consistency is the biggest struggle. On my first iteration, I followed some ideas that don’t really fit with the rest of the game. Now I’m trying to reconcile the differences.

The “Ice World” is typically the most frustrating part of any platformer. That’s probably true of Rebound as well. But I guarantee it’s been a hundred times more frustrating to make than it will be to play.

The point isn’t to exasperate the player. There’s a certain vision, a specific sort of trajectory and use of space, that impelled me to make these levels a certain way. Maddening level design for its own sake is unimaginative, no matter how heady or meticulous.

But the fact that I find myself justifying this part of the game, before anyone has even questioned it, makes me wonder if I’ve followed a good idea in the wrong way, or followed it too far.

I guess we’ll see.

Posted: July 31st, 2013
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new prototype

I’m still trying to recover the progress I lost in May. Chug, chug, chugging along. I wish I could say I’ve been an adult about it. But such is not the case. YouTube is a cruel siren.

This week I started messing around with an idea that I really enjoy. There isn’t much to say about it at this point. But I’m excited.

Anyway, I’m getting close to where I was before I reverted to the older version of C2. And then it’s back to checklisting. Woo!

Posted: June 8th, 2013
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sad trombone dot com

Well, it looks like May is a do-over.

A few weeks ago, I updated to a newer release of Construct 2, even though I knew it would break a few aspects of Rebound.  The Gullens introduced some new features that I really wanted to utilize (namely the ability to replace objects in events and faster previewing).  I thought the benefits would outweigh the need to fix a few things here and there.

So I updated, and, in addition to troubleshooting all the breaking changes, I continued to work on my normal checklist.  However, after three weeks of working this way, I realized that Rebound was fundamentally broken in this updated version.  So I cut my losses and went back to the last working version.

And now I’m kicking myself for adding new things on top of a non-working version of the game.  I still have all the sprites I drew, so that’s good.  But I basically had to take screen captures of all the events I had made this month, and now I’m rebuilding them one at a time.

One good thing, though: I figured out how to create an autosave feature that will preserve people’s save games, even if I release updated versions of Rebound.  So if I’m fixing bugs after the initial release, I can upload those changes without messing up people’s progress.


Posted: May 27th, 2013
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album cover?

So I’ve been goofing around with Hexels. It’s a fun tool, and even if you have no idea what you’re doing (like me), you can come up with some lovely images in a short amount of time.

This might be a pipe dream at this point, but I’ve played around with the idea of releasing the music for Rebound as a paid download.

I sat down last night and worked on a rough sketch for a potential album cover. It’s kind of bare, but I think I like the overall design.

One more example of me doing things I’m not qualified to do.

I’m starting to think that audacity is the most valuable resource that a game developer can acquire. The personality trait, not the program. Although, Audacity is pretty helpful, too.

Posted: May 7th, 2013
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*tugs on shirt collar*

Sorry things have been so quiet around here this month. Here’s where we stand:

I’m almost done with making new things. The Thermosphere is nearly complete. This is a good thing. However! This also means that there won’t be much to show you, in the way of screen captures, that you haven’t already seen. However, however! I still have a lot of work to do in making the game not crappy (which is the opposite of playable).

So we have this dilemma where I’m going to be tweaking things for a few months, and there will be nothing new to look at.

And that’s one of my favorite parts about following devlogs: looking at neat stuff.

I will struggle to find a solution!

I really like Arvi Teikari’s updates for Environmental Station Alpha. He uses .gifs of gameplay, so you can see the game in action without having to load a video. I’m not sure how realistic that would be with Construct 2. ESA is also much prettier than Rebound. But movement is maybe the most important aspect of this game I’ve been working on. So maybe we can freshen things up with little tidbits of gameplay.

Heck! Who knows. What I’m saying is, if you’re one of the [less than several] people following this game, I’ll try not to leave you hanging.

Posted: April 20th, 2013
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worker bee, worker bee

Way back when I introduced that gunk to Rebound, I had to make triggers to create different splattering objects, depending on where the gunk landed.  This is what they look like.

I was excited about the development, but also a little worried that I had introduced a ton of work that would annoy me later.  These triggers are small, and they have to be placed meticulously throughout the level.  I knew this would amount to several eye-shriveling hours at the computer.

But I underestimated how much of a worker bee I am.  In fact, these little triggers have become a valuable part of my work rhythm.

All sorts of folks work on video games, and we all have different needs and impulses.  Some of us are visionaries.  Some of us are drones.  Some of us think visually, sonically, or kinetically.  Some of us can’t think at all, unless we’re twisting our beards fervently, late into the night, until we find an awkward pile of short hairs and skin flakes on the desk in front of us.

Sorry, that’s gross.

What I’m saying is, there are a million different ways to work on a game.  And to some extent, because of the complex mixture of mediums present in games, you need to dabble in all those forms of creativity.  Sometimes you need to be a visionary.  Sometimes you need to be a technician.  But since you’re one person, certain modes will drain you, and some will recharge you.  Throughout this project, I’ve started to see that big-picture activities like level design take a lot of energy from me.  And meticulous, repetitive tasks give energy back.  So after a couple long days of visioneering, I use activities like the careful placement of tiny triggers to recharge.  I throw on some music, glare at the screen, and twist my poor beard into oblivion.

Whenever you work on a team, you typically have someone playing the role of Project Manager.  Sometimes that person will actually hold the title, sometimes he will just end up in that role because of his natural leadership qualities.  But when it’s just you, getting yourself out of bed, forcing yourself to sit down and work, you have to be the Project Manager, whether or not your personality leans toward leadership.  And part of effective management is knowing how to best coordinate and utilize the personalities at your disposal.  So as a one-man game development team, you have to be Visionary, Artist, Technician, and pulling it all together, Mr. Manager.

Wearing a lot of hats, knowing when to switch between them.

Anyway, this is all a very roundabout way of saying that, after a few frustrating weeks of trying to figure out space, I took a break and made some triggers.  And the worker bee has been placated.

Posted: December 30th, 2012
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