I’m not lazy, promise

This week I made an elevator.  Super exciting, right?

I don’t like your attitude.

After I finished Saul, I had three new things I wanted to try in the next project:

1. A simple control scheme.  Saul’s controls were very technical and complicated.  Unless something changes, this game will use the mouse for movement, and one button on the keyboard.  That’s all.

2. Drawing.  Saul’s graphics were bare, which makes sense for a first game.  I knew that if I tried to draw and animate a bunch of sprites, I would never finish it.  But I’ve been concept drawing for this game, and my ambitions are much higher for the level of detail in the backgrounds and sprites.  I have yet to settle on a visual aesthetic, but I’ve narrowed it down to “offensive” and “fuckugly”.

3. A more upbeat experience.  Saul was a friggin’ drag.  There was probably some life stuff contributing to its dark feel and subject matter.  But that stuff is behind me, so let’s try being positive for a while!

I just made myself sick.

Anyway, maybe I’ll post some drawings or music in the weeks to come, don’t count on it.

Posted: September 15th, 2011
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