Rappunzel has a new multiplier system! Before, each jump had its own multiplier count. So if you jumped over three things, it would give you a multiplier of x3 for that jump, and then reset for the next jump.

But now there’s a progress bar that fills up as you jump over things. Once the bar is full, the game adds to your multiplier (which carries over from one jump to the next), and you start filling it up again. However! The progress bar is also slowly draining whenever you’re not jumping over things.

This is meant to give the player’s descent a sense of urgency. Getting hurt also clears out the multiplier entirely, and you’re forced to start all over again.

Also, I should mention that the current character sprite is likely to change. I needed to know roughly how big the player’s hitbox should be, so I did some rough sketches of a more human-looking character. But I haven’t landed on any specific metaphors yet.

Posted: April 12th, 2015
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